Q.  Do you have time to take on additional work?

    A.  Availability depends on what other matters we are dealing with at
    the moment, of course, but we will tell you if we do not expect to
    have sufficient time to handle a matter.  One of the benefits of
    The Virtual EHS Law Firm ™ is that we have a little more control over
    what work we take on, and we have flexibility in staffing that work.

    Q.  Will I be charged for senior lawyer time when a large firm
    would use a paralegal or a junior associates at a much lower
    billing rate?

    A.  FryeLaw PLLC will not charge at all for ministerial tasks that a
    secretary would do.  We have access to experienced paralegals, law
    clerks with environmental training, and associates with experience in
    EHS law, if those resources are needed or warranted.  Oftentimes,
    however, it will be more cost-effective for Russell Frye or another
    senior lawyer to do the work himself.

    Q.  Will my files and data be safe with FryeLaw PLLC?

    A.  All client data will be secured in password-protected electronic
    files.  Frequent images of our entire computer, stored in a secure off-
    site location, provide long-term backup, while daily backups
    conducted on an external hard drive assure that our work product and
    our clients’ records will be maintained.

    Q.  I have an environmental problem at a facility in Wisconsin.  
    Can FryeLaw PLLC help me with that problem?

    A.  Russell Frye and lawyers collaborating with him are admitted to
    the bar in numerous states, but not most.  Whether assisting a client
    with an environmental problem arising at a facility in a particular state
    requires a lawyer to be licensed to practice law in that state depends
    on the particulars of the situation.  Often, it will be possible for
    FryeLaw PLLC to assist a client in managing and solving its EHS
    problems, regardless of where that client is headquartered and where
    the problems are arising.  We often represent clients in litigation in
    other jurisdictions; in that case, usually it is necessary to associate
    with a local counsel, after which we often can be admitted to the bar
    of that court for that particular case.

    Q.  What do you charge?  Do you give discounts for public
    authorities/interest groups / little old ladies?

    A.  We generally perform work on an hourly fee basis, and our hourly
    fees are substantially lower than other lawyers with comparable
    amounts of expertise and experience charge, especially in major
    metropolitan areas.  In addition, we believe that our extensive
    experience and approach to staffing means that fewer hours will be
    recorded, as well.  We are willing to consider various alternative
    forms of billing, including retainers, fee caps, contingent fee
    arrangements, success bonuses, and the like.

    Q.  Do you charge for an initial consultation?

    A.  Depending on the issue and the potential client, we may be willing
    to learn about the potential client and its issues free of charge in
    order to determine whether we can be of assistance.  Even for
    existing clients, Russ Frye generally will not charge for an initial call to
    chat about an issue and determine if FryeLaw PLLC can be of

    Q.  I already have a local lawyer I have been using for EHS
    questions (or I already have an in-house environmental lawyer).  
    Why would I want to retain FryeLaw PLLC?

    A.  We may have some more-specific experience that will help us
    provide more effective and less costly solutions to particular EHS
    problems, but in addition we can provide perspective on how those
    problems have been dealt with by other companies and by other
    regulatory authorities.  Often this results in the local regulatory
    authority rethinking the position it has taken, if that position is
    inconsistent with positions taken by other agencies on similar
    questions.  We often work cooperatively with in-house counsel or
    with the local counsel to provide the best, most cost-effective
    service.  Also, we sometimes assist other law firms that do not have
    sufficient environmental expertise of their own; for example, to deal
    with environmental issues that come up in particular business

    Q.  Do you have a newsletter?

    A.  We do not prepare and distribute a regular newsletter.  Rather,
    we try to identify new developments that may be particularly
    important to or of particular utility for our clients and friends, and
    brief descriptions of those developments are posted on the
    News You Can You Use page on this web site.  Additionally, from time
    to time we will send out e-mails to clients when we believe there is a
    particularly important development, deadline, or the like.

    Q.  Do you have a brochure?

    A.  We do not have a printed brochure, but obviously there is an
    abundance of information about FryeLaw PLLC on this web site.  We
    have chosen deliberately to make this web site comprehensive
    (rather than artful or flashy), because our clients tend to value
    substance over form and to want a lot of information before they
    make decisions.  If you need any additional information, please write
    to info@FryeLaw.com or call Russell Frye at 202 572-8267.

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